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Oxford Mississippi

Oxford Insurance

Insurance is a crucial investment for anyone, regardless of where they live. In Oxford, MS, homeowners, contractors, and car owners all recognize the importance of having reliable insurance coverage. Here at Lafayette Insurance, we've proudly served the North Mississippi region, gaining a deep understanding of our clients' insurance needs.

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Meet the Agent

Ramesh Retnam

Meet Ramesh Retnam, founder and president at Lafayette Insurance Agency. Known for his boundless energy and servant-hearted nature, Ramesh has achieved great success in both his personal and professional life. As a senior partner, he brings his expertise and enthusiasm to the agency, leading in property and casualty insurance with excellence.

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Our Approach

Lafayette Insurance Agency

At Lafayette Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on being the independent insurance agency you can trust for all your coverage needs. As Oxford Mississippi's most comprehensive insurance agency, we offer a wide range of coverage options and prioritize building lasting client relationships. We believe in educating and guiding our clients to the right protection products for their needs and are committed to providing quality coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

Products and Services

Insurance Services

We prioritize building personalized client relationships and delivering quality coverage at a low premium. Explore our range of insurance options, including auto, property, and commercial insurance.

  • car

    Auto Insurance

    Elements required for your coverage:

    • VIN number
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Identification (ID)
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  • shop

    Commercial Insurance

    Protect Your Business with Lafayette Insurance Agency

    • The craftsman
    • The shopkeeper
    • Restaurant owners
    • Carpenters
    • Masonry businesses
    • House painters
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  • home

    Property Insurance

    Complete Property Coverage

    • Homeowner needs
    • Tenants
    • Owners
    • Condominiums
    • Earthquakes
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Frequently asked questions

All information you need to know

What is insurance?

Insurance is important and necessary to have no matter where you live. Even in a small town, insurance is something homeowners, contractors and car owners are always on the search for.

What do they do?

Insurance is highly sought after in Oxford, MS. To find some of the best insurance policies here in Oxford, Mississippi, choose Lafayette Insurance Agency. We are the independent agency you can trust. Lafayette Insurance Agency, has a keen understanding of our clients' needs in the Oxford area.

Why you need insurance in Oxford MS.

If you are a community member of Oxford it is necessary for you to be protected whether it be a car, independent contractor, or home insurance. Lafayette Insurance Agency has a variety policies to offer for unique situations and to meet needs for each and every client. Even in this small town, insurance is important to have so you can stay protected against theft and damage.

Why an Indpendent Agent?

An independent agent is not tied down to one insurance carrier. Lafayette Insurance Agency partners with different insurance carriers to give our customers the best coverage at the best rates. This helps our customers to save money on top of having premium coverage. We are able to shop with the top insurance carriers in the industry.

Why Lafayette Insurance Agency?

We are a one-stop shop for property and casualty insurance. We are here for individual home, auto, and business owners where they can shop for all their insurance needs. We are locally owned and easily accessible to all our customers. At Lafayette Insurance Agency, we put our customers' needs first. For any other insurance questions, please give Lafayette Insurance a call today!