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What They Do

Independent contractor insurance helps protect independent contractors against liability claims and any injuries that may occur during construction or renovations. An Independent contractor is a person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services under a written contract or verbal agreement. They do not work regularly for an employer but rather when work is required or if someone asks for their service. Independent contract insurance is insurance that almost all independent contractors have. 


Independent contractor insurance according to is any type of insurance that provides protection for the general liability, business operations, or business property of an independent contractor. In short, independent contractor insurance helps protect independent contractors’ businesses from liability claims. 

Why you need independent contractor insurance

If you are an independent contractor, it is necessary for you to have independent contractor insurance. As an independent contractor, you can get sued and held liable for damages like any other small business owner. Below are reasons why you need independent contractor insurance: 

  1. Independent contractor insurance protects you and your business. As a business, you can be sued for damaging a client’s property or injuring employees. Independent contractor insurance helps cover legal fees as well as damages from a lawsuit. 
  2. Future clients of yours are most likely to be searching for your independent contractor insurance to make sure they are protected if anything happens in the renovations. Without independent contractor insurance, clients could be held responsible for damages or accidents caused by your work and are less likely to hire you if you do not have independent contractor insurance. 
  3. Similar to car insurance, most states require independent contractors to have independent contractor insurance in order to perform work or renovations on homes. It is advised for both you and your client to have separate general liability insurance policies to ensure the protection of both parties. 

Lafayette Insurance experience Policies?

At Lafayette Insurance, we offer independent contractor insurance whether you work for yourself, a small business, or a large corporation. We know that as an independent contractor, you can be liable for damages to property or injuries of workers. Lafayette Insurance wants to help you ensure that you are protected from liability claims. Not only will Lafayette Insurance make certain that you are protected but also your clients. This type of independent contractor insurance will help you get hired quickly and easily as it is important for clients to see you have a strong independent contractor insurance policy. If you are an independent contractor in Oxford, Mississippi, call Lafayette Insurance today to learn more about our Independent contractor insurance policies

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