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Major Medical Insurance Coverage

Major Medical Health Insurance is a type of health insurance that covers the expenses associated with serious illness or hospitalization. Major medical health insurance is the terminology that was historically used to describe comprehensive health plans that covered most necessary care.

Health Care Sharing

Health Care Sharing, or health sharing ministries, are a group of like-minded individuals that agree to come together and help each other pay their medical expenses. They offer faith-based programs for planning for unforeseen medical expenses.

Short Term Health Insurance

Designed for healthy individuals and families, short-term policies provide an affordable safety net while switching from one life event to another without a health plan. Short term health insurance is defined as 90 days or less.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance also known as Medigap refers to various private health insurance plans sold to supplement Medicare. Medigap insurance provides coverage for many of the co-pays and some of the co-insurance related to Medicare-covered hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health care, ambulance, durable medical equipment, and doctor charges. Medigap's name is derived from the notion that it exists to cover the difference or "gap" between the expenses reimbursed to providers by Medicare Parts A and B for the preceding named services and the total amount allowed to be charged for those services.

Even More Health insurance options

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance Plans provide insurance coverage for individuals to protect them against dental costs. It insures against the expense of treatment and care of dental disease and accident to teeth.

Cancer Insurance

A cancer insurance policy is an insurance policy that pays a lump sum if the policy holder is diagnosed with cancer. These plans have payouts that typically range of benefits on a schedule. Cancer insurance policies are not specifically designed to serve as stand-alone coverage; they’re are more designed to function as a supplement a regular major medical health insurance plan.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance helps protect income by providing money when you can’t work due to illness or injury. Disability insurance comes in long-term, and short-term versions,

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