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Protect your investment with property insurance from Lafayette Insurance Agency. We offer a variety of options, including coverage for your home, condominium, rental property, and more. Get peace of mind knowing your property is protected.


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Homeowners insurance is any type of insurance that protects and covers a private residence. This includes property damage such as damage from weather, personal property such as furniture, clothing, appliances, and jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamond bracelets. Homeowners insurance may also include theft, personal liability, medical bills for those who get injured while on your property, and any additional expenses.

What is it?

Homeowners insurance or home insurance is property insurance that provides coverage for a private residence. Any private residence is a single-family home, condo, townhome, mobile home, specialty or vacation home, and vacant home. Homeowners insurance typically covers losses and damages to your home residence that can include furnishings or other assets in and around your home. You can also have the option to have liability coverage for certain accidents that may happen in your home or property. Almost all mortgage lenders require a homeowners insurance policy making home insurance necessary to have if you are looking to buy or rent a private residence. Most states require homeowners insurance, so it is important to find out what is required in your state before committing to a homeowners insurance policy.

Why you need Homeowners Insurance?

Your home is a major investment and you are going to want homeowners insurance in order to make sure that investment is protected but it is also much more than that. You not only want to protect something you spent a lot of hard-earned money on, but you also want to protect the people and assets inside your home and the way to do that is to purchase homeowners insurance if something unforeseen happens to the home and what is inside it in the process. It’s not just natural disasters either; you also need homeowners insurance if a visitor gets injured or a thief comes while you are away or even if you simply lose something like your passport, homeowners insurance can cover all of that and help make your life a lot easier. The reason you would need homeowners insurance comes down to the fact that it is a surefire way to protect not only your home but the life you built in and around your home.

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Lafayette Insurance Experience

At Lafayette Insurance Agency we work with you in order to figure out the best homeowners insurance policy for you and your family. Lafayette Insurance Agency has been a key provider in homeowners insurance in the Oxford area for some time now and we only recommend policies that make sense for you based on your own needs and depending on your situation. Lafayette Insurance Agency main concern is that the homeowner’s insurance includes only what is necessary and won’t try to trick you into a higher price, unlike the bigger insurance companies. We focus on everything from a tornado to a thief and will make sure you can go about your day-to-day life worry-free.

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